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 Author : Berat Doğan

Affiliation : Department of Biomedical Engineering, Inonu University,Malatya,

Country : Turkey

Category : Algorithms
Volume, Issue, Month, Year : 6, 6, May, 2016
Abstract :
The Vortex Search (VS) algorithm is one of the recently proposed metaheuristic algorithms which was inspired from the vortical flow of the stirred fluids. Although the VS algorithm is shown to be a good candidate for the solution of certain optimization problems, it also has some drawbacks. In the VS algorithm, candidate solutions are generated around the current best solution by using a Gaussian distribution at each iteration pass. This provides simplicity to the algorithm but it also leads to some problems along. Especially, for the functions those have a number of local minimum points, to select a single point to generate candidate solutions leads the algorithm to being trapped into a local minimum point. Due to the adaptive step-size adjustment scheme used in the VS algorithm, the locality of the created candidate solutions is increased at each iteration pass. Therefore, if the algorithm cannot escape a local point as quickly as possible, it becomes much more difficult for the alg

Keyword : Metaheuristics, Numerical Function Optimization, Vortex Search Algorithm, Modified Vortex Search Algorithm.

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