Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Information and Communication Security Mechanisms For Microservices-based Systems


Author :  Lenin Leines-Vite

Affiliation :  Universidad Veracruzana

Country :  Mexico

Category :  Networks & Communications

Volume, Issue, Month, Year :  13, 6, November, 2021

Abstract :

Security has become paramount in modern software services as more and more security breaches emerge, impacting final users and organizations alike. Trends like the Microservice Architecture bring new security challenges related to communication, system design, development, and operation. The literature presents a plethora of security-related solutions for microservices-based systems, but the spread of information difficult practitioners' adoption of novel security related solutions. In this study, we aim to present a catalogue and discussion of security solutions based on algorithms, protocols, standards, or implementations; supporting principles or characteristics of information security,

Keyword :  Microservices, Software architecture, Secure communication, Information security.

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