Monday, October 18, 2021

Development of an Autism Screening Classification Model for Toddlers


Author :  Afef Saihi and Hussam Alshraideh

Affiliation :  American Universityof Sharjah

Category :  Computer science&Information Technology

Volume, Issue, Month, Year :  11, 15, September, 2021

Abstract :

Autism spectrum disorder ASD is a neurodevelopmental disorder associated with challenges in communication, social interaction, and repetitive behaviors. Getting a clear diagnosis for a child is necessary for starting early intervention and having access to therapy services. However, there are many barriers that hinder the screening of these kids for autism at an early stage which might delay further the access to therapeutic interventions. 

Keyword :  Autism Spectrum Disorder, Screening, Machine Learning, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Neural Network, Classifier, Accuracy.

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