Friday, October 29, 2021

A New Full Adder Cell for Molecular Electronics


Author :  Mehdi Ghasemi, Mohammad Hossein Moaiyeri and Keivan Navi

Affiliation :  Shahid Beheshti University G.C.

Country :  Iran

Category :  Computer science&Information Technology

Volume, Issue, Month, Year :  2, 4, December, 2011

Abstract :

Due to high power consumption and difficulties with minimizing the CMOS transistor size, molecular electronics has been introduced as an emerging technology. Further, there have been noticeable advances in fabrication of molecular wires and switches and also molecular diodes can be used for designing different logic circuits. Considering this novel technology, we use molecules as the active components of the circuit, for transporting electric charge. In this paper, a full adder cell based on molecular electronics is presented. 

Keyword :  Logic circuits, full adder, nanotechnology, molecular electronics, resonant tunneling diode (RTD)

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