Wednesday, April 21, 2021


Author :  Nguyen Dao Xuan Hai

Affiliation :  HCMC University of Technology and Education Ho Chi Minh City

Country :  Viet Nam

Category :  Computer Science & Information Technology

Volume, Issue, Month, Year :  10, 03, March, 2020

Abstract :

Service robots have recently drawn a lot of attention from the public. Integrating with the artificial intelligence of computer science, modern service robots have great potential because they are capable of performing many sophisticated human tasks. In this paper, the service robot named "MiABot" as receptionist robot is described, it is a mobile robot with autonomous platform being used with a differential drive and controlled by mini PC. The MiABot could sense its surroundings with the aid of various electronic sensors while mechanical actuators were used to move it around. Robot's behaviour was determined by the program, which was loaded to the microcontrollers and PC with Artificial Intelligence. The experiment results demonstrated the feasibility and advantages of this predictive control on the trajectory tracking of a mobile robot. Service robots are designed to assist humans in reception tasks. Robots will interact closely with a group of people in their daily environment. This means that it is essential to create models for natural and intuitive communication between humans and robots.The theoretical basis of artificial intelligence and its application in the field of natural language processing. Besides, robot software architecture is designed and developed. Robot operation modes and implementation are addressed and discussed, they contain information on algorithm for human – robot interacting in natural language, thus a simple approach for generating robot response in arm gesture and emotion. Finally, system evaluation and testing is addressed.

Keyword :  AI, Artificial Intelligence, Service Robot, Receptionist Robot, NLP

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