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 Author :  Alla Defallah Alrehily

Affiliation :  King Abdulaziz University

Country :  Saudi Arabia

Category :  Computer Science & Information Technology

Volume, Issue, Month, Year :  8, 8, May, 2018

Abstract :

In education, the use of electronic (E) examination systems is not a novel idea, as Eexamination systems have been used to conduct objective assessments for the last few years. This research deals with randomly designed E-examinations and proposes an E-assessment system that can be used for subjective questions. This system assesses answers to subjective questions by finding a matching ratio for the keywords in instructor and student answers. The matching ratio is achieved based on semantic and document similarity. The assessment system is composed of four modules: preprocessing, keyword expansion, matching, and grading. A survey and case study were used in the research design to validate the proposed system. The examination assessment system will help instructors to save time, costs, and resources, while increasing efficiency and improving the productivity of exam setting and assessments.

Keyword :  Subjective Assessments, E-Examination, WordNet, semantic similarity

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