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 Author :  Takuya Kazama

Affiliation :  2Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo University of Science

Country :  Japan

Category :  Computer Science & Information Technology

Volume, Issue, Month, Year :  8, 16, February, 2018

Abstract :

We have found out that the CAZAC- OFDM accords the amplitude of IFFT output signal with the amplitude of input DATA and the time ordering of IFFT output signal is unambiguously determined. That is, the OFDM time-domain signals, which are composed of many sinewaves, can be shaped by CAZAC precoder. As one application example that can use this characteristic of CAZAC precoder, we propose a new technique of symbol timing estimation, which enable to avoid the use of the preambles and guard-intervals. Conventional OFDM systems introduce guard-intervals for symbol timing estimation and reduction of multipath effect. Visible light communications (VLCs), which are one kind of line-of–sight communications, does not require consideration of the multipath channel. Therefore, if we embed null data at a fixed position in time-domain, we will easily estimate the symbol timing in the receiver side.

Keyword :  OFDM; CAZAC sequence; Zadoff-Chu sequence; Symbol Timing Estimation; VLC.

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