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Affiliation :  College of Information Technology Saint Joseph Institute of Technology

Country :  Philippines

Category :  Computer Science & Information Technology

Volume, Issue, Month, Year :  8, 18, February, 2018

Abstract :

Android smart phone is one of the fast growing mobile phones and because of these it the one of the most preferred target of malware developer. Malware apps can penetrate the device and gain privileges in which it can perform malicious activities such reading user contact, misusing of private information such as sending SMS and can harm user by exploiting the users private data which is stored in the device. The study is about detecting untrusted on android applications, which would be the basis of all future development regarding malware detection. The smartphone users worldwide are not aware of the permissions as the basis of all malicious activities that could possibly operate in an android system and may steal personal and private information. Android operating system is an open system in which users are allowed to install application from any unsafe sites. However permission mechanism of and android system is not enough to guarantee the invulnerability of the application that can harm the user. In this paper, the permission scoring-based analysis that will scrutinized the installed permission and allows user to increase the efficiency of Android permission to inform user about the risk of the installed Android application, in this paper, the framework that would classify the level of sensitivity of the permission access by the application. The framework uses a formula that will calculate the sensitivity level of the permission and determine if the installed application is untrusted or not. Our result show that, in a collection of 26 untrusted application, the framework is able to correct and determine the application's behavior consistently and efficiently.

Keyword :  Permission, permission scoring-based, malware Android phone, Security, Internet, malware.

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