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 Author :  S. N. Lagmiri

Affiliation :  IRSM, Higher Institute of Management Administration and Computer Engineering

Country :  Morocco

Category :  Computer Science & Information Technology

Volume, Issue, Month, Year :  8, 15, February, 2018

Abstract :

Data security has become an important concern for communication through an insecure channel because the information transferred across the networks has a large chance of unauthorized access. The available encryption algorithms that are primarily used for text data may not be suitable for multimedia data such as sound. Hyperchaotic systems are generally proposed as a solution to multimedia encryption, because of their random properties and the high sensitivity of initial conditions and system parameters. In this paper, audio data encryption with different dimensional hyperchaotic systems has been presented. The proposed hyperchaotic systems exhibit excellent chaotic behavior. To demonstrate its application to the processing of multimedia encryption, the three systems are applied with an algorithm based on the key generation from the initial conditions for encryption and decryption process. The results of encryption, decryption and statistical analysis of the audio data show that the proposed cryptosystem has excellent encryption performance, high sensitivity to security keys and can be applied for secure real-time encryption.

Keyword :  Audio signal, Hyperchaotic system, Encryption algorithm, Histogram, Correlation, Power spectrum.

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