Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Author :  Ahmed Sameh and Abdulla Al-Masri

Volume, Issue, Month, Year :
  Vol.8, No.1, January 2017


 The postulate of this paper is that current smartphones' power saving modes can be improved towards saving more power and/or gain more user satisfaction only if they start following “preventive” and/or user customized power saving plans. We develop a number of preventive power saving modes that save the battery power without the need of using the power of the same battery for detecting abusage. It will be supporting the user with a preventive plan that could give him/her an idea about what to run or don’t run. Another issue of current power saving modes is the “One Size Fits All” philosophy which does not take into consideration the factors that could distinguish different smartphone users, for example, the nature of the workspace of the user (Indoor/Outdoor), the age, the gender and/or the user’s applications categories of interests. The paper develops a strategy to match a smartphone power saving mode with its perfect smartphone user by classifying smartphones users into classes depending on a set of different factors and having the user to identify himself/herself to the smartphone before the first use.

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