Friday, February 10, 2017


Author : Ayman M. Abdalla, Mohammad M. Abdallah and Mosa I. Salah

Volume, Issue, Month, Year :
  Vol 8, No 1, January, 2017


Program Robustness is now more important than before, because of the role software programs play in our life. Many papers defined it, measured it, and put it into context. In this paper, we explore the different definitions of program robustness and different types of techniques used to achieve or measure it. There are many papers about robustness. We chose the papers that clearly discuss program or software robustness. These papers stated that program (or software) robustness indicates the absence of ungraceful failures. There are different types of techniques used to create or measure a robust program. However, there is still a wide space for research in this area.

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