Friday, January 27, 2017


Author :  Hakan Çıtak , Mustafa Çoramık , Yavuz Ege
Volume, Issue, Month, Year :
 Vol 7, No 6, December, 2016


Today, coins are used to operate many electric devices that are open to the public service. Washing machines, play stations, computers, auto brooms, foam machines, beverage machines, telephone chargers, hair dryers and water heaters are some examples of these devices These devices include coin recognition systems. In these systems, there are coils at two different radius, which become electromagnets when the current is passed through them. The AC current supplied to the coils creates a variable magnetic field, which induces the eddy current on the coil during the passing of money. The magnetic field generated by the Eddy current reduces the current passing through the coil. The amount of change of current in the coil gives information about the coin; the type of metal (element) and the amount of metal (element). In this study, a new coin identification system (magnetic measurement system) is designed. In this system, the magnetic anomaly generated by the coin as a result of ap

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