Sunday, October 16, 2016

Design of Synchronization and T-STD Model for 3DTV Service over Hybrid Networks

Author: Kugjin Yun, Won-Sik Cheong, Gwangsoon Lee, Xiaorui Li, and Kyuheon Kim

 Volume, Issue, Month, Year:Volume 38, Number 5, October, 2016

The objective of digital broadcasting has evolved from providing a plain video service to offering a realistic visual experience. Technologies such as 3DTV and UHDTV have been suggested to achieve this new objective by providing an immersive and stereoscopic visual experience. However, owing to the high bandwidth requirements of such services, the broadcasting industry has faced a challenge to find a new transport mechanism for overcoming the bandwidth limitation. The standardization organizations, the Advanced Television Systems Committee, Digital Video Broadcasting, and Telecommunications Technology Association, have been working on the integration of broadcasting and a broadband network (IP) to resolve the bandwidth issue of realistic video services. This paper introduces a frame-level timeline synchronization and transport system target decoder model for providing a stable 3DTV service over a hybrid network. The experimental results indicate that the proposed technologies can be successfully adopted as a reference model in a broadcast-broadband hybrid 3DTV service and other IP-associated hybrid broadcasting services.

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